Studio Class Pricing

New Student 3-Pack


Want to give Yoga a try without a big commitment? This is a simple and easy way for a new student to pay for their initial classes. This package can be purchased only once, and is good for thirty days.

The Bakers Dozen


The best deal anywhere! Purchasing a 12-pack of studio classes and we’ll include the 13th one. The Baker’s Dozen is also a great gift, and are valid for 90 days from date of your first class.

10-Pack Studio Classes


Purchasing a 10-pack of studio classes is the fast and convenient way to enjoy your Be Here Now Yoga experience. Our 10-packs make a great gift, and are valid for 90 days from date of your first class.

Just Drop In


You are always welcome to stop in and grab a class, provided there is room.

Zoom and In Studio Schedule

Yoga For Core

Monday 5:30 PM

On Zoom and in the Studio

Yoga for Beginners

Tuesday 9:30 AM

On Zoom and in the Studio

Gentle Yoga

Tuesday 4:30 PM

On Zoom and In  the Studio

Flex & Flow

Wednesdays in November

On Zoom Only

Prime of Life Yoga

Thursday 9:30 AM

On Zoom & In the Studio

Yoga for Low Back

Thursday 4:30 PM

On Zoom and In the Studio

Mixed Level 

Saturday 10:00 AM

On Zoom and In the Studio


Sunday 10:00 AM

On Zoom and In Studio

Small Group Yoga

By Appointment

contact Karen

Yoga for Core

This class is excellent for people who have some yoga experience and are looking for a practice that focuses on building core strength and developing strong and stable core muscles. Yoga for the core can help with digestion, low back pain and improve flexibility and balance.

Yoga for Beginners

This practice includes basic yoga poses, gentle breathing exercises, and balance poses. The tempo of the class is slow and steady. It is ideal for beginners and advanced practitioners who want to improve strength and flexibility. It is an excellent warm-up for the week ahead.

Prime of Life Yoga

Middle life in America is changing; people 40+ are turning to the benefits of yoga. Prime of Life Yoga (POLY) is for midlife and beyond students who are either new to yoga or have an established yoga practice. POLY helps students manage everyday aches and pains, improves balance, and reduces stress. Karen studied with Larry Payne and is a certified Prime of Life Yoga teacher.
This class is held at Country Garden Shed 1153 Croton Road, Flemington. In the event of inclement weather, the class will move to the studio.

Gentle Yoga

In this gentle yoga, most poses are practice seated on one's belly or back. The class includes standing balancing poses. Gentle yoga emphasizes moving and breathing at a slower pace and is suited for all levels.

Yoga for Low Back

Back pain is one of the most common reasons people miss work, and 8% of all adults suffer from chronic back pain. Yoga is an affordable and accessible option for many people. The correct yoga poses will improve posture and alignment, strengthen and stretch muscles, help with sciatica pain. Karen knows about back pain. In 2019 she had a spinal fusion. Here prior yoga practice was instrumental in preparing for and recovering from back surgery.

Slow Flow Yoga

Slow Flow Yoga is a compromise. It offers many benefits for beginners or advanced practitioners at a slower pace than a traditional vinyasa flow class.

Mixed Level Yoga

Mixed Level Yoga is for those students familiar with yoga looking for intermediate to advanced poses.   

Small Group Yoga

Design a yoga class for you and a few friends. You can customize the poses, music, and themes. Contact Karen for details.


This class consists of a blend of yang (active yoga) with yin (passive yoga). Ease into your practice with slow, nourishing stretches as we build up to moderately paced standing sequences, connecting our breath to movement. We’ll wind down with deep, restful stretches and a dreamy savasana. You’ll leave class feeling lengthened, strengthened, and restored.

Flex & Flow

An invigorating class featuring vinyasa-style sequences merged with strength-building movements (think Goddess squats, Chair pulses, and core work!). Intended to lift the heart rate and build muscle, all while flowing through your classic yoga poses. Let your body melt into the mat as we round out our class with nourishing stretches and mindful breathing.