What is Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy uses the tools of yoga, which include movement, breathing, and meditation to address an individual's physical, mental, and emotional needs.

After assessing clients, yoga therapists design practices and techniques customized for the individual to help reduce or manage their symptoms, improve function, and achieve an overall sense of wellbeing. 

What We Treat

Anxiety & Depression
Arthritis & Chronic Joint Pain
Autoimmune Disorders
Back & Neck Pain
Hypertension & Heart Disease
Multiple Sclerosis
Pre/Post Surgery Challenges
Side Effects of Chemotherapy
Shoulder, Hips, & Knee Pain 
Stroke Rehab

What to Expect

On your first appointment, Karen will sit with you and listen. During a comprehensive intake, she will ask about your current medical concerns, your medical history, your health and lifestyle choices, and what you hope to gain from Yoga Therapy. She may assign a small practice to get you started on your path to better health.

Yoga Therapy is not a "one size fits all" solution. Karen will design a practice specific to you, to assist you in achieving optimal wellbeing. These practices may include yogic breathing, yoga movement, and meditations.

With each appointment, you and Karen will add tools to your toolbox to advance your progress.  

What are clients are saying

Post Spinal Fusion

Following an extensive spinal fusion (T-10 to S1) and a SI joint fusion last year, I was relatively pain-free, but still quite limited in terms of flexibility. Knowing my situation, Karen (a long-time friend) had offered to teach me some yoga techniques that might aid in my long-term recovery. After discharge from PT, I discussed the possibility of doing yoga with my neurosurgeon, who agreed to it as long as I kept my expectations realistic. Being a science guy, I really did not buy into the spiritual aspects of yoga, but Karen tailored it to the therapeutic benefits of exercise through micromovement.

After six months, I am able to tie my shoes for the first time in over a year, stand straighter, and am able to carry out many of the activities of daily living that I was unable to for many months following my procedure. I recommend Karen and her studio, Be Here Now Yoga, without hesitation. Karen is an intuitive and attentive instructor who has created a program that can be adapted to the needs of individuals seeking both traditional and/or therapeutic aspects of yoga.
Michael S. Wolf, PharmD, Ph.D., EJD
Flemington, NJ

During Cancer Treatment

I can’t speak highly enough of Be Here Now Yoga Therapy, or Karen herself. I was diagnosed with breast cancer just over a year ago. You can imagine the anxiety and stress a cancer diagnosis brings. During my six months of chemo, Karen checked in with me on a near-weekly basis. When I was first starting treatment, she designed a low-impact Yoga video, to begin strengthening my core muscles. Karen taught me how to focus on my breath to settle my anxiety and created an exercise program to take into account my range of motion, particularly after surgery.

Midway through chemotherapy, I began experiencing insomnia and restlessness. Karen immediately created a meditation audio routine for me, Yoga Nidra. I had never meditated before, but I am forever changed. Not only did it help to re-center from whatever pain, stress, or discomfort I was experiencing, I found listening to Karen’s voice extremely soothing and comforting and Yoga Nidra helped me fall asleep - on my worst day, I did Yoga Nidra five times. A year later, I still find myself turning to Yoga Nidra when I’m feeling overwhelmed. I will forever be indebted to Karen and all that she did for me - she is the best! 

K. M.
Flemington, NJ